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Gandhi Medical College

Nephrology additionally vitally includes the procedures of dialysis and kidney transplantation. A man represent considerable authority in the care and treatment of kidney ailments is known as a nephrologist or a renal doctor. 

There is a scope of sicknesses that fall under the domain of Department of Nephrology

Glomerular disarranges – influencing glomerulus-the sifting arrangement of the kidneys 

Pee variations from the norm – abundance discharge of protein, sugar, blood, and so on. 

Renal disappointments – both sudden and incessant 

Bladder stones 

Kidney diseases 

Diabetes influencing kidney capacities 

Immune system illnesses – lupus, vasculitis 

Kidney growth 


Indian Doctor Columbus

Only one out of every odd ailment undermines the life of the patient. Be that as it may, living with the distresses for a lifetime isn't a satisfactory alternative either. The exertion of doctors makes it conceivable to moderate these inconveniences and help carry on with their life to fullest.